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Cantilever Rack is a alternative storing system that allows users to store unique or oddly shaped material. It has the capabilities of storing light and heavy objects. It is commonly used for storing lumber, metal and plastic pipe, sheet metal, and any other objects that has length or weight to them. Another benefit of cantilever rack is it doesn’t require a pallet to store your goods. Which also cuts down handling time.

Benefits of Cantilever
Sizes range from 6ft to 24ft
Spaces between Towers from 4ft to 8ft
Arms at 4ft or longer
Capable of storing over 4000lbs per bay
Comes in Double or Single Sided Towers
Structural and Rolled Form Option 

SIZES: Call for sizes and weight capacities  |  CONNECTORS: Pins, Nuts & Bolts

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Wall-Mount, Lightweight

Great for storing sheets of metal, pipes, structural base, etc. Links up to the wall.

SIZES: up to 10', Arm Length up to 18"

Cantilever   Cantilever

Rolled Form

Heavy duty, stores structural, bulk materials, sheet metal, vehicles, etc.

Cantilever   Cantilever